I Feel Incredible, Truly Remarkable

Robbie… You are extraordinary!  I feel incredible, truly remarkable.  My body has lost so much tightness and I can breathe deeply.  So grateful for you and your gifts!


Authentic and Unrushed

My experience felt authentic and unrushed.  Most practitioners treat people like western doctors…mass appointments and revenue. I entered wondering if this experience was going to be a waste of my time and I left feeling like I’ve been wasting so much time not working with you.   I feel seen on a soul level whether I’m on the phone with you or in your physical presence. 


Thank You For Your Amazing Presence

I wanted to thank you for your amazing presence and energy this weekend and give you immense gratitude for what we accomplished. I have been to a lot of retreats but I have never once felt comfortable and safe enough to reveal the inner depths of my being like that. Something has become dislodged in me (a boulder perchance?) and my life is never going to be the same. Thank you!!

Kristina, GA

I was so touched by your work

You are making a difference in this world, Robbie.  Truly, you are a gift to those whose lives you have touched.  Thank you for touching mine.

Claudia, GA

I was interested in hypnosis for inner child work and breathwork to release trauma…

During our weekend together, Robbie was warm, inviting, funny and jovial. She went at my pace and was able to meet me where I was in my healing journey. She gently but firmly helped me heal. We talked a lot about mindset: how our thoughts and emotions shape our lives. She guided me through some intense breathwork, I felt safe to cry and “let it out”…. years of things I had been holding in. She also helped me heal deep trauma wounds through hypnosis. I am forever grateful for Robbie and I highly recommend her, she held space for me and made me feel safe to be able to “do the work.”

GB, Washington DC

Robbie is just who I want with me on my lifeboat!

Robbie is not only a gifted healer but also someone who can be trusted with one’s most important transformational work.  I met Robbie at a conference and I knew immediately that she was someone I would be doing deep healing work with. And that’s just what evolved.

Robbie has done profoundly healing work with me in way that really supports exactly who I am. Robbie’s shining quality is her ability to fearlessly confront pain and her willingness to get right down in there with you and guide you safely through dangerous waters.

Robbie is just who I want with me on my lifeboat!

Cindy Morris, MSW

Powerful and Gifted healer

I have known Robbie for about 30 years, and it has been an absolute gift to watch her grow over three decades to become the powerful and gifted healer that she is today. I have trusted, and will continue to trust her with my most sacred and intimate spiritual needs.  I am blessed to know I can call on her in any time of energetic or spiritual need, and that she can and does provide healing even from thousands of miles away.

Alexandra, OR

Thank you for the love, support and healing you have provided.

You have guided me through an extremely difficult transition, and I view your presence in my life as nothing short of divine intervention.  I was broken and wounded when we met.  You have helped me reframe my grief and pain into strength, confidence and power.  Thank you!

Ashley, GA

I am truly indebted, profoundly and eternally grateful.

Looking back, I understand why I specifically selected you. I couldn’t have done this work without you!   You’ve directed me and taught me priceless tools I can use for the rest of my life.

As the quote says:

“A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.”

You discovered my song and you reflected it back to me exactly as I needed.  You believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.  You have a unique ability to see beyond what I see and encourage me to aim for the stars. It’s such a relief when I think how far I’ve come as a result of my work with you. Not only am I seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, I believe in myself, I believe that my wildest, boldest dreams are possible.  I am truly indebted, profoundly and eternally grateful.

Sandy, LA

After working with you, I feel so different!

I’ve begun living a life I couldn’t even imagine several months ago.  The negative self-talk has stopped, I no longer live with regret and fear.  I look forward to life!  Thank you for leading me through this transformational process-it has truly been life changing.  The gratitude I hold for you is immense!

Karen, GA

I thank God for sending your soul to earth to help us!

I can’t thank you enough for the help and support you’ve given us during the last few months.  You helped my daughter tremendously… even when the medical community had given up on her.  I thank God for sending your soul to earth to help us!

Beata, OH

Honored to be Working with You

I thank God for the path that led me to you.  You are an amazing woman and I’m so honored to be working with you.

Rachel, GA

Midwife to the Soul

The words that leap to mind when I think of Robbie are determination, intelligence, detached compassion, commitment, power, focus, righteousness, receptivity, and last, but probably first, a wild sense of humor that manages to put everything into perspective.  I’ve rarely met a human being who is so….immediate; so present.  Her foremost talent is a natural ability to stay completely in the moment, respectful of your process and infinitely helpful in offering spiritual tools that manage to be practical at the same time. She’ll stick with you until you completely understand what you need to know and doesn’t pass judgment.  Being around her dissolves the illusion of impossibility.  She is masterful at pointing to the portal of your own future-the one that resides deep inside. She’s a midwife of the soul, and at the risk of being blasphemous, a really raucous and fiercely loyal friend.

Jill, CA

So much in my life has changed.

I could not have gotten to this place without you. You have taught me to accept myself completely and fully.  You have taught me to be my bold, beautiful, passionate self without fear of recrimination or judgment.  I find that I spread inspiration and love just by being me. The inner strength is manifesting in ways I never could have imagined and there is no guilt in doing what is in my best interest!  I am changing lives because you changed mine.   I love you more than you’ll ever know.

Shawn, GA

I now have a journey ahead that I no longer fear.

I arrived on Robbie’s doorstep a mess!  I was on anxiety medication, I didn’t have any direction in my life and I made dismal choices in men.  Slowly but surely, Robbie urged me into a deeper awareness of myself.  The progression was very natural, it unfolded gradually and organically.  She used a gentle, nurturing approach that made it safe to do the more intense work. I’ve come a long way.  My relationships have improved, I have direction in my life and I make better choices.  I now have a journey ahead that I no longer fear.

Lisa, GA

Finding you has been my saving grace.

With each session, I gain a stronger sense of myself.  I feel a tremendous sense of love and support all around me.  Life flows more easily and I appreciate everything so much more.  With each session, this feeling deepens.  I have never before felt so in control of my life, so calm, so secure and so comfortable in my own skin.  You gently pulled back the curtains to reveal the light.  You are a true gift and I have immeasurable appreciation for you.

Jennifer, GA

I feel so grounded today.

I have a sense of peace and calm that I’ve never experienced before.  I’m savoring the experience, staying quiet and keeping this feeling to myself.  I don’t want to break the spell!  Thank you for the wonderful session.  You are a master of your craft!

Crystal, GA

Words can’t describe the gratitude I feel for your help.

That was certainly one of the most impactful experiences of my life.  You have such an amazing gentle strength and a calming power that makes it safe for me to take the risks I need to take.  I am so incredibly humbled by God’s awesome power and your tremendous gifts.

Judy, GA

My Soul Fees Healed

I can’t tell you how different I feel now and how grateful I am.  Days after our work, my eyes are still shining!  I find myself smiling for no apparent reason, except that my soul feels healed.  I have my Self back.  Thank you!

Cathy, GA

Wow!  What a powerful event!

I am tremendously grateful to you for leading me through such a vulnerable experience without judgment or hesitation.  You have an amazing ability to combine compassion and gentleness with raw excitement and encouragement.  Thanks for making it clear how important and critical this work is in becoming truly authentic.

Susan, GA